Doctor Faustus quotes!

Some of the most important quotes from Marlowe's play, 'Doctor Faustus'. The quotes have been explained to provide further knowledge of the text.

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Faustus Quotes!
"Necromantic books are heavenly." Deliberate juxtaposition of heaven/hell. Marlowe
employs this to create controversy as `hell' was a topic associated with taboo.
"Yet art thou still but Faustus and a man." Longs to challenge boundaries of humanity.
Similar to Victor's monster ­ Faustus wants to re-create self as `unhuman' being. Horror genre before its
Lucifer described as "the Prince of Hell." Antithesis, gothic!
Wants to live "In all voluptuousness." Indulging Id ­ Freud! Faustus has weak superego.
Mephistophilis: "marriage is but a ceremonial toy." Says it's not meaningful.
Breaks taboos of the Church ­ controversial to audiences of the time as religion was pivotal!
"My heart's so hard'ned I cannot repent." Evil side of human nature has taken over and
engulfed him ­ doppelganger! Marlowe suggests we all have the potential to succumb to evil.
"Christ, my Saviour, seek to save distressed Faustus' soul." Tries to repent.
Climatic, intense. Does it out of fear and not through loyalty to Christianity. Classed as anti-hero? Has great
potential but wastes it.
"Now I die eternally." Readers feel this is poetic justice. Marlowe ends it this way to provide
Faustus with an appropriate comeuppance. Shows you cannot abandon God.




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