Doctor Faustus (A-Text) - Quotes

Important quotations from "Doctor Faustus"; a gothic play by Christoper Marlowe. 

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Doctor Faustus (A-Text)
"base of stock"
"graced with doctor's name/Excelling all.../In heavenly matters of theology"
"His waxen wings did mount above his reach,/...melting heavens conspired his
"He surfeits upon cursed necromancy...prefers before his chiefest bliss."
Act 1 Sc 1:
"...thou hast attained the end."
"Heap up gold,/ eternized for some wondrous cure."
"Yet art thou still but Faustus, and a man."
"A pretty case of paltry legacies!"
"...external trash/Too servile and illiberal for me."
"The reward of sin is death. That's hard."
"...we must die an everlasting death."
"necromantic books are heavenly"
"a world of profit and delight,/Of power, of honour, of omnipotence"
"All at my command."
"A sound magician is a might god."
"...try thy brains to gain a deity."
"Be thou on earth as Jove is in the sky."
"glutted with conceit of this"
"to India for gold... for orient pearl...pleasant fruits and princely delicates."
"..odious and obscure...for petty wits...basest of the three..."
"magic that hath ravished me."
"Sometimes like women, or unwedded maids,/Shadowing more beauty"
"This night I'll conjure, though I die therefore."
Act 1 Sc. 2
Act 1 Sc 3
"...change thy shape./Thou art too ugly to attend on me."
"old Franciscan friar"
"virtue in my heavenly words"
"How pliant is this Mephistopheles,/Full of obedience and humility!"
"thou art conjuror laureate"
"do whatever Faustus shall command"
"Did not my conjuring speeches raise thee?"
"That was the cause, but yet per accidens."

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O, by aspiring pride and insolence."
"for ever damned with Lucifer."
"Why, this is hell, nor am I out of it."
"leave these frivolous demands,/Which strike a terror to my fainting soul!"
"Faustus manly fortitude...thou never shalt possess."
"I'll be great emperor of the world"
"I'll live in speculation of this art"
Act 1 Sc 4
R: "How, how, knave's acre?" W: "Sirrah, I say in stavesacre."
"O, I'll tickle the pretty wenches' plackets!"
Act 2 Sc 1
"Despair in God and trust in Beelzebub.…read more

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I make all the at my pleasure stark naked before me...I shall see
more than e'er I felt or saw yet."
"you are blown up, you are dismembered!"
"Thou canst not read."
"I can make thee drunk...for nothing."
"Master Parson says that's nothing."
"Shall I have Nap Spit, and to mine own use?"
Act 2 Sc 3
"curse thee wicked Mephistopheles...thou hast deprived me of those joys."
"Think'st thou Heaven is such a glorious thing? ...…read more

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Faustus... with such learned skill/...they admired and wondered at his wit."
"his fame spread forth in every land"
"Amongst the rest the emperor is one"
"Faustus is feasted"
Act 4 Sc 1
"none in my empire, nor in the whole world, can compare with thee"
Knight's asides ­ undermines F; F is of low status
"I must confess...far inferior"
"I am content to do whatever your majesty shall command me.…read more

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Thou traitor, Faustus"
"Revolt, or I'll in piecemeal tear thy flesh."
"I will confirm/My former vow"
"unfeigned heart"
"that base and crooked age"
"His faith is great. I cannot touch his soul."
"I will attempt...but little worth."
"To glut the longing...That heavenly Helen"
"make me immortal with a kiss"
"I will be Paris...I will combat with weak Menelaus"
"As in this furnace God shall try my faith"
"For hence I fly unto my God."
Act 5 Sc 2
"What ails Faustus?"
"I die eternally.…read more

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Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight"
"Faustus is gone."
"his hellish fall,/Whose fiendful fortune"
"Only to wonder at unlawful things"
"To practise more than heavenly power permits."
N.B: The "/" is to signify a line break in the original text but it is not necessary to use in the
exam; however, using it can provide a decent structure point within your essay.…read more



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