Doctor Faustus (A-Text) - Quotes

Important quotations from "Doctor Faustus"; a gothic play by Christoper Marlowe. 

If you want me to do a document explaining these quotes and showing how they can be applied to any question, send me a message!

Hope it helps with your revision, good luck with your exams! 

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Doctor Faustus (A-Text)
"base of stock"
"graced with doctor's name/Excelling all.../In heavenly matters of theology"
"His waxen wings did mount above his reach,/...melting heavens conspired his
"He surfeits upon cursed necromancy...prefers before his chiefest bliss."

Act 1 Sc 1:
"...thou hast attained the end."
"Heap up gold,/ eternized…

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"he is in danger to be damned"
"O, by aspiring pride and insolence."
"for ever damned with Lucifer."
"Why, this is hell, nor am I out of it."
"leave these frivolous demands,/Which strike a terror to my fainting soul!"
"Faustus manly fortitude...thou never shalt possess."
"I'll be great emperor of…

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"I make all the at my pleasure stark naked before me...I shall see
more than e'er I felt or saw yet."
"you are blown up, you are dismembered!"
"Thou canst not read."
"I can make thee drunk...for nothing."
"Master Parson says that's nothing."
"Shall I have Nap Spit, and…

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"bear his absence but with grief"
"Faustus... with such learned skill/...they admired and wondered at his wit."
"his fame spread forth in every land"
"Amongst the rest the emperor is one"
"Faustus is feasted"

Act 4 Sc 1
"none in my empire, nor in the whole world, can compare with…

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"Thou traitor, Faustus"
"Revolt, or I'll in piecemeal tear thy flesh."
"I will confirm/My former vow"
"unfeigned heart"
"that base and crooked age"
"His faith is great. I cannot touch his soul."
"I will attempt...but little worth."
"To glut the longing...That heavenly Helen"
"make me immortal with a kiss"

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"Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight"
"Faustus is gone."
"his hellish fall,/Whose fiendful fortune"
"Only to wonder at unlawful things"
"To practise more than heavenly power permits."

N.B: The "/" is to signify a line break in the original text but it is not necessary to…




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