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Free Will and
By Matthew Hamer…read more

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Anthony Flew
· Liberty of Spontaneity
· Our choices are limited by our
backgrounds and natures.
· We are free in a limited sense.
· There is a sense of responding
spontaneously to our personal make-
up.…read more

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· Liberty of indifference
· God sees our decisions and actions in
one simultaneous present.
· Not the same as saying that this
knowledge determines our actions.…read more

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The 2 Truths
· 1. Necessary
· Known as logical Truths.
· 2. Contingent
· Known as Truths that are dependent on
circumstances.…read more

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Immanuel Kant
· Phenomenally determined.
· Noumenally free.
· Ought implies CAN!!…read more

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G E Moore
· I'm free in performing an action if I
could have done so otherwise, if I
chosen to do so.…read more

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