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· Provide genetic info for organism through their precise sequence
· Formed through condensation reactions…read more

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DNA structure
· Made up of 2 strands of nucleotides
· Rungs of DNA must be the same length so base pairs must be made up of 1 double
ring base (Adenine and Guanine) and one single ring base (Thymine and cytosine)
· Adenine and thymine= complementary (2 hydrogen bonds)
· Cytosine and guanine = complementary (3 hydrogen bonds)
· Function of DNA depends on the sequence of base pairs it possesses…read more

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Features and functions
· Very stable: can pass genetic info from generation to generation without change
· 2 separate strands joined by hydrogen bonds: strands can separate in DNA replication
and protein synthesis
· Large molecule: lots of genetic information
· Base pairs with a helical cylinder of Deoxyribose phosphate backbone: genetic
information is to some extent protected from being corrupted by outside physical and
chemical forces
· 2 complementary strands: 2 copies of same information for repair, copying and error
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Allele: 1 of a number of alternative forms of a gene; An individual inherits 1 allele from
each parent
· Homologous pairs: 2 chromosomes that determine the same genetic characteristics
but this isn't the same as being identical; 1 pair is from each parent in the gametes.…read more

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· Cancer: A group of diseases caused by a growth disorder as a result of damage to
genes that regulate mitosis and the cell cycle.
· Treatment blocks cell cycle by preventing the synthesis of the enzymes needed for
DNA replication (polymerase) which causes it to die as it cannot enter s phase and by
inhibiting the metaphase stage by inferring with spindle formation
· Disrupts cell cycle of normal cells
· Repeated treatments allow for body to recover and produce new cells without the
cancer growing back to the same size as before…read more


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