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Nucleic Acids: DNA

The monomers of nucleic acids are called
nucleotides , they are made up of a:
phosphate group , chemically
reactive as involved in linking
nucleotides in condensation
pentose sugar , deoxyribose (DNA) or
ribose (RNA), also chemically
nitrogenous base , either double
ringed purine (adenine,…

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Sugar-phosphate backbone with covalent phosphodiester bonds give
Sequence of bases allows information to be stored and as DNA is a
long molecule, it can store large amounts of information
Complementary base pairing enables information to be replicated and
Double helix protects weak hydrogen bonds and makes the molecule…

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each amino acid. The amino acids are joined together by peptide bonds to
form a polypeptide with a specific primary structure. This process is called


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