DME Rural Urban Fringe in Ipswich

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A decision making exercise (DME) about the Rural / Urban
fringe ­ Ipswich
1) Ipswich is a medium town that is located on the Suffolk coast. The employment
structure is relatively similar to that of the UK. Small differences include and
increased number of people aged 34 and under and those aged over 65. There is
also a decreased amount of middle aged working people. This suggests that these
working people are migrating to other areas with other specialities. Although it is
classified as a medium town with its population of 117,000 in 2007, it has been
placed in the government's report of the 56 largest towns and cities in England.
This highlights its significance to the national economy as it is placed 45th
The employment structure is based around banking, finance and insurance as this
is one of the main modern industries that are present in Ipswich. The number of
primary industries has declined, although this is the original reason why the area of
Ipswich was developed in the first place. Rural Ipswich has highly fertile land and is
used for agricultural farming. This has decreased because of the competition from
overseas. Overall, Ipswich is very similar to the majority of the UK as it displays the
same features and is important to the economy.
2) I would want to move to Ipswich because of the industries it provides as well as the
new modern technologies being developed here. It would provide interesting job
and career opportunities which would discourage me from commuting into the
larger towns and cities, such as London or Cambridge, which are easily accessible
from the A12 and A14 in the Ipswich area.
3) There is immense pressure to make all new developments sustainable and
environmentalists would want to make these areas as eco-friendly as possible. This
leads to conflicts between what is seen is the right thing to do for the environment
as well as what should be done and the opinions of local people. Mike Wood, who is
the chair of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, demonstrates the importance of this
viewpoint which is specific to the new development on the South West area of the
town known and Copdock - "Without these green spaces where will the sprawl
There are many pressures present because of the difference land uses that are in
place in the area around the development. In this instance, there is a large
residential area, an out of town shopping complex and farmland within a short
proximity of each other; this alone causes issues as different individuals have
different requirements and opinions about a new development and this could
become a hazard in the planning stage.
4) The current land use is vacant and this makes it cheaper and easier to build on as
buildings do not need to be knocked down. This makes it ideal for development and
I believe it is the best location that is identified on the map. Jeremy Pembroke, who
is the leader of Suffolk County Council, believes something should be done with this

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Ipswich more appealing. "What sort of welcome to our town does this
patch of scrub represent... a few butterflies [won't help]". This opinion is backed by
other important figures and this suggests that the way forward for this piece of land
is development.
I believe this development will be good for the local economy as it would provide
jobs for those such as builders and labourers.…read more

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I would choose the sixth form college to be built on this area of land as it will have
the biggest benefit to both local and visiting people. The local students will not need
to travel elsewhere and it would show the new infrastructure that Ipswich has to the
other people would otherwise not see. The environment is important but there is a
large area around this development where the conservation could occur.…read more


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