social reasons and consequences of divorce

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Divorce and Age
The earlier the age of marriage, the more likely it is to end in divorce.
The bride is more likely to be pregnant which places a strain on the marriage
Money problems ­ young people are more likely to be low paid or unemployed
Lack of experience in choosing a suitable partner
Lack of awareness of the demands of marriage
More likely to grow apart as their attitudes and beliefs are still developing.
Divorce and Social Class
In general, the lower the social class of the husband, the more likely the couple is
to divorce.
Financial problems such as unemployment,
Reliance on state benefits
Low income are all associated with high divorce rates (Kiernan & Mueller, 1999).
Divorce and Relationship experience
Experience of divorce either through close friends or parents may cause
psychological problems which are carried forward to the child's marriage. Or, it
may simply make divorce more acceptable.
Remarriages are likely to end in divorce than first marriages. Perhaps, the
problems which caused the first divorce are carried in to the second marriage.
Divorce and social background
Differences in class, ethnicity, and religion between the couple are associated with
higher divorce rates. They will have less in common, they may have different
expectations about marriage and these differences may result in conflict.

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Some see the effects of divorce on children as harmful and that parents should
stay together for the sake of the children. Others, however, argue that if divorce
frees children from a bitter and hostile family environment, then it is beneficial
and parents should divorce for the sake of the children.
Rodgers & Pryor (1998) reviewed 200 studies. They attempted to discover whether
claims about the harmful effects of divorce on children, were supported by
research.…read more

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DIVORCE AND SOCIETY (The Macro Approach)
New Right Perspective: high divorce rates and lone parent families that result from
divorce are a serious threat to society. This is because most lone parent families
are female headed, and therefore, lack a male role model who can provide discipline
This can result in adequate socialization, particularly for boys, which can
result in anti social behavior. Morgan (2000) sees a direct relationship
between rising divorce rates and rising crime rates.…read more


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