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Key trends
· The overall trend of divorce is that it is decreasing…read more

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Ronald Fletcher (1966)
· Changing expectations of love and marriage
People expect and demand more from marriage
Therefore, they are less likely to put up with an unhappy
marriage and are more likely to end with divorce
A large proportion of divorcees remarry
People are not rejecting the institution of marriage but
are simply expecting more from the relationship…read more

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Anthony Giddens (1992)
· Confluent Love
Focuses on intimacy, closeness and emotion which forms the
basis of relationships
Rather than the feelings of duty and obligation reflected in
the traditional marriage vows `for better or worse, for richer or
poorer, `till death do us part'
Decision to marry is increasingly based on confluent love…read more

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Stephanie Coontz (2006)
· Overloading Marriage
Individuals are becoming increasingly emotionally dependent
on their partners
This can lead to marital breakup by overloading the
relationship…read more

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Urlich Beck and Elisaebeth Beck (2001)
· Individualisation
The norms which define appropriate behavior are becoming
less powerful
High value is placed on self-expression, individual fulfillment
and independence
Marriage can be a strain to this liberation
High divorce rates can be seen as a result of individualization…read more

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