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B2 Revision
Divide and develop…read more

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Describe the differences between
mitosis and meiosis
They both start of with a parent diploid cell ( this a
cell with a full se of chromosomes, 46, 23 pairs).
They both undergo cell and nuclear division.
They both do DNA replication.
Mitosis produces tissue, whereas meiosis produces
gametes(egg and sperm cells).
Mitosis produces diploid cells with a full set of
chromosomes but meiosis produces haploid cells
with only half the full amount of chromosomes.
Meiosis produces 4 daughter cells whereas mitosis
only produces 2.…read more

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Explain what stem cells are and how
they can be useful
Stem cells ­ these are cells that have the
ability to turn into different types of body cells
(somatic = body).
How they are useful
They are undifferentiated so they can
therefore turn into any type of body cell
except gametes.
They have no hay flick limit and so therefore
can keep on dividing over and over again. A
human body cell can only divide a maximum of
52 times before it gets old.…read more

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Discuss the scientific basis of the law regarding
the termination of a pregnancy
The current abortion act was
introduced in 1967 however in 1929 is
was an imprison able offence if you
were found either having or carrying
out an abortion.
In this original act the initial upper limit
for the age of a foetus was set at 28
In the year 1990 a new law was passed
in which it was lowered to 24 weeks.
A termination of a pregnancy can be
sanctioned by doctors if continuing
with the pregnancy could lead to a
greater risk of the woman having poor
physical or mental health or it affects
her existing children.…read more

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Discuss the scientific basis of the law regarding
the termination of a pregnancy
Overall it takes a foetus 40 weeks on a
rough estimate to develop from the
process of fertilisation.
Abortion would only ever take place
above the age limit under the following
circumstances: when there is evidence
of foetal abnormality and risk of grave
injury to the women in which she would
Different countries around the world
all have their different opinions on
abortion and when a pregnancy should
be terminated but in the UK we believe
that an whether an abortion should
take place or not is sometimes decided…read more


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