distinguishing between the different types of immunity

immunity is split into 4 different types. And this explains all of them, and how to tell them apart.

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During the course of an infection, the pathogen invades the
body and its antigen is recognized either by the antibody
binding sits of a B-lymphocyte or the binding sites of a
T-lymphocyte cell surface membrane.
Once activated, the immune system produces clones of
B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes by mitosis which
differentiate into other types of cell including memory cells
which provide long term immunity to the antigen.
This type of immunity is called active because the
lymphocytes are activated by the pathogens' antigens. It

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We can activate the body's T and B cells by introducing small
quantities of antigen either by injection or orally (e.g via
sugar lump!). The antigens are treated before being
introduced to the body in order to make them relatively
harmless but they still activate an immune response, including
the production of memory cells, which gives the person long
term immunity. This is a vaccine and it gives the person
artificial active immunity.…read more


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