Disney Neocolonisation Cultural TNC Case Study

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Francesca Foley and Ariadne Terizakis Disney TNC Factfile
TNC Fact File: Disney
Global distribution of Disney
This map indicates where the films that Disney has produced are set. By creating films
that are globally diverse, it increases consumer's accessibility to them by making them
relevant to their global market base. Different nationalities can identify with the
protagonists, increasing the target market. It also is a way of spreading increasing
globalisation of the company, by connecting viewers to the rest of the world through film.
The Walt Disney Company's international presence is further enhanced with Disney
Media Distribution's development and expansion of its Disney and ESPN-branded cable
and satellite channels. Currently Disney Channels Worldwide h as 95 kid-driven, family
inclusive entertainment channels and/or channel feeds available in more than 169
countries and territories. The platform brands are Disney Channel, Disney XD, Playhouse
Disney (rebranded Disney Junior in 2011), Disney Cinemagic, Hungama and Radio Disney.
ESPN's diverse library and broadcast rights for more than 1
30 leagues and sport s can be
found across 46 networks in over 200 territorieson every continent of the world.
Disney as a main conglomerate has many subsidiary companies world-wide.
The Walt Disney Studios, which includes the company's film, recording label, and
theatrical divisions.

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Francesca Foley and Ariadne Terizakis Disney TNC Factfile
Parks and Resorts, featuring the company's theme parks, cruise line, and other
travel-related assets.
Disney Consumer Products, which produces toys, clothing, and other merchandising
based upon Disney-owned properties. There are currently 700 stores world-wide.
Disney Interactive, which includes Disney's Internet, mobile, social media, virtual
worlds, and computer games operations.
Disney Media Networks, which includes the company's television properties.…read more

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Francesca Foley and Ariadne Terizakis Disney TNC Factfile
featuring "Golden Mickeys." Every attraction included thoughtfully
translated Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as English. Food was
distinctly local in flavour
o Television Programmes
Although American shows are broadcast there has been glocalisation of
cultural specific shows
E.g. India Disney Channel - In 2006, Disney Channel launched
its first original live-action show Vicky Aur Vetaal, which became
a hit.…read more

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Francesca Foley and Ariadne Terizakis Disney TNC Factfile
environmental awareness, planting trees and the risks of
overconsumption as a person and as a society
o Negatives
Can be seen to replace cultural films
E.g. those based on folklore
Argued to be stereotypical of cultures as well as portraying ones in a
negative light only
E.g.…read more

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Francesca Foley and Ariadne Terizakis Disney TNC Factfile
Many of Disney's leading ladies are shown to be unrealistically
skinny, embracing the size-zero with tiny waists and huge hips.
This promotes a bad body image onto young children who
admire and aspire to these characters.
Problems that have risen
1. Some religious welfare groups, such as the Catholic League, have opposed
films including Priest (1994) and Dogma (1999).…read more


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