Disguise within the Odyssey- Table with quotes

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The role of disguise in the odyssey
Athene disguises herself as Mentes and travels `She assumed the appearance of a family
1 to Ithaca and advises Telemachus to go to Pylos friend, the Taphian chieftain mentes, bronze
and Sparta to find out information about his spear in hand'
Athene Disguises Telemachus' childlike and `Athene endowed him with such
2 weak features, and covers him with beauty and supernatural grace that all eyes were turned
manhood. on him in admiration when he came up'
Athene appears as Mentor to Telemachus as he `Athene drew near to him, and assuming the
walks away at the end of the Ithacan assembly. form and voice of Mentor, addressed him'
Then she disguises herself as Telemachus and `Disguising herself as Telemachus, she went
goes among the Ithacan asking to their help as through the town, picked out her twenty
he journeys to Pylos and Sparta. She does this men and passed them each the word to
to secure a ship from Noemon and crew head forgather the good ship at nightfall'
for Pylos.
It could be said that she disguises the suitors `and lulled the suitors into a state of pleasant
wits and intelligence to allow Telemachus to drowsiness, clouding their wits as they drank
Then to avoid the suitors Athena again takes `Athene, assuming mentors form and voice
the appearance of Mentor and urges once more'
Telemachus to set sail.
Athena as Mentor visits Nestor with `As she finished, brighteyed Athene took the
3 Telemachus and transforms herself into a form of a vulture and flew off'
vulture in front of them to show the favour of
the Gods are upon Telemachus.
Proteus, the old man of the sea In book 4 is `He will try all kinds of transformations, and
4 described to have shapeshifted to Menelaus, change himself into every sort of beast on
taking the form of a seal, water and fire. earth, and into water and blazing fire'
Athena appears to Penelope in a dream as her `Athene now had another idea. King Icasrius
sister Iphthime. had another daughter besides Penelope,
called Ipthime'
`The goddess made a phantom now, exactly
like this woman and sent it to Odysseus'
palace to save the unhappy weeping queen'
Athene disguises Odysseus' weakness with `Athene put into his head to grab hold of a
5 wisdom when faced with how to survive the rock with both hands as he was swept in'/
rocks surrounding Scheria. `there the unhappy man would of come to a
predestined end, If Athene had not given him
a good idea'
Odysseus uses a tree branch to cover his naked `after breaking off with his great hand a leafy
self when approaching the Princess Nausicaa of bough from the thicket to conceal his naked
the Phaeacians manhood'

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The role of disguise in the odyssey
Athene visits Nausicaa in her dreams, and as `Intent on her plans for the great heart
disguised as a friend, advises her to prepare for Odysseus'
6 marriage by washing her linens in the streams `Taking the form of the daughter of a ship's
Athene disguises Odysseus' ruggedness and `Athene made him seem taller and sturdier
weakness from being at sea for so long and and caused the bushy locks to hang from his
plays up his…read more

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The role of disguise in the odyssey
It could be argued that Circe uses her magic to `and now they had pigs heads and bristles,
10 transform and disguise Odysseus' crew as pigs and they grunted like pigs'
Once Odysseus is conveyed back to Ithaca and `Pallas Athene, Daughter of Zeus, had thrown
13 is left sleeping on the shore, Athene hides him a mist over the place.…read more


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