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The role of disguise in the odyssey

Athene disguises herself as Mentes and travels `She assumed the appearance of a family
1 to Ithaca and advises Telemachus to go to Pylos friend, the Taphian chieftain mentes, bronze
and Sparta to find out information about his spear in…

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The role of disguise in the odyssey

Athene visits Nausicaa in her dreams, and as `Intent on her plans for the great heart
disguised as a friend, advises her to prepare for Odysseus'
6 marriage by washing her linens in the streams `Taking the form of the daughter of a…

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The role of disguise in the odyssey

It could be argued that Circe uses her magic to `and now they had pigs heads and bristles,
10 transform and disguise Odysseus' crew as pigs and they grunted like pigs'
Once Odysseus is conveyed back to Ithaca and `Pallas Athene, Daughter of…


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