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· Cigarette smoke DAMAGES CILIA and causes
goblet cells to produce more MUCUS
· Mucus then accumulates in lungs, leading to
EXCESSIVE COUGHING to get rid of it
· Causes INFLAMMATION of the lungs because
bacteria can multiply in the mucus and cause
infections.…read more

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· Cigarette smoke causes INFLAMMATION OF
· This encourages phagocytes to the area
· They produce an enzyme that breaks down
ELASTIN in the alveoli walls, destroying the
alveoli, as they do not expand or recoil, so the
pressure changes cause them to burst.
· Less surface area for GAS EXCHANGE,

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of arteries
· White blood cells are attracted to repair the
damage, encouraging the growth of smooth
muscle and causing lipids and cholesterol to
build up inside artery wall
· This deposit is called an ATHEROMA
· When it bulges out into the lumen it can be
called a PLAQUE
· This narrows the arteries causing high blood…read more

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· When the CORNARY ARTERIES become
narrowed/blocked due to
plaques/atheromas/blood clots.
· This restricts blood flow to the heart, so it
receives less oxygen
· ANGINA ­ When arteries have been narrowed
due to atherosclerosis occurring, chest pains.
· HEART ATTACK ­ Blood clot in coronary artery
causes part of the heart muscle to die.
· HEART FAILURE ­ When a coronary artery
becomes completely blocked, so the heart has
no oxygen and cannot function.…read more

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· Rapid LOSS OF BRAIN FUNCTION due to lack of
oxygen received because of disruption of
blood flow to the brain
· Caused by BLOOD CLOT in artery leading to
the brain
· Caused by a HAEMORRHAGE ­ an artery
leading to the brain bursts.…read more

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