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o Pathogen comes from the Greek `pathos' meaning `suffering'
o They can be passed on from one person to another therefore the diseases they cause are called `infectious
o They are microorganisms.

For a microorganism to be a pathogen it must:
o Gain entry to the host…

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o AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhoea

Colonising the Host
o Pathogens need to fix themselves to the site of infection
o Physical modifications (protein spikes)
o Chemical means (adhesive substances)
o Once fixed, rapid multiplication occurs
o They then need to spread newly formed pathogens throughout the tissues and body
o They…

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o Diet
o Smoking
o Obesity
o Physical exercise
o Sunlight

Analysing and interpreting data
o Epidemiology ­ study of the number of cases and pattern of a disease, in order to prevent and control it.
o Retrospective studies ­ using data from the past
o Prospective studies ­ collecting…


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