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Discuss the researches into breakdown of romantic
Steve ducks (2007) suggests, relationships are a little like cars, in that
they can have `accidents' for many reasons. Sometimes it is the `driver's' fault,
sometimes it is a mechanical failure that causes the accident and sometimes it
is the action of…

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friends, while males want a clean break. This suggests some gender differences
that the research does not consider.

Argyle (1988) found that women identified lack of emotional support as a
reason for dissolution, while men cited absence of fun. Therefore, suggesting
gender differences that the model does not explain. So…

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How ever this experiment would have poor sample group as the
participants were students. Therefore the findings might not be reliable for
other groups in society. So it may not be generalisable for whole population.

Also the method that they used for this research might have demand
characteristic as the…


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