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Discuss the relationship between sexual selectin
and human reproductive behavior.
The evolutionary approach argues that human reproductive behaviours
have been shaped by sexual selection.

In evolutionary terms, natural selection is the process by which certain
characteristics and behaviours get passed on in the gene pool because they
give the individual…

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And the second type is Intersexual selection occurs when one sex (often
females) choose which males to mate with. For example, females may prefer to
mate with males who have a greater amount of resources. This is because
females invest much more in their offspring, since they will have to…

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agreement between cultures. Therefore it might strengthen the validity and
accuracy of the explanation. However, this study have great deal of consistency
, because the wide range of the analytic studies ,which corroborate the validity
and reliability of the explanation.

However, The evolutionary approach could be argued to be reductionist,…




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