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Discuss Socio-Cultural Explanations of Schizophrenia
One explanation for schizophrenia is the socio-cultural explanation which include family based
explanations and social explanations, e.g. problems in living conditions and the political aspects of
diagnosis. Factors such as differential diagnosis of different social classes, downward drift, life stress.
One part of the socio-cultural explanation is the family explanation.…read more

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Research into the ideas of
Bateson and Lidz has used retrospective studies so do not include examples where there are these
kinds of communication styles but the children do not develop schizophrenia.
Another socio-cultural explanation concerns stressful life events, which some believe can cause
schizophrenia. Evidence for the stressful life events explanation comes from Brown and Birley 1968,
who studied patients who had recently experienced a schizophrenic episode.…read more

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schizophrenia is 7 times more common in the children of immigrants from Jamaica and other
Caribbean islands than in the white population, whilst the incidence of schizophrenia in Jamaica is only
1%. This suggests that it some aspect of being a 2nd generation immigrant being brought up in this
country that is problematic. It is also important to note that many members of this community live in
poverty.…read more


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