Discuss sex differences in Parental Investment (24marks) Sample Essay.

Written using internet resources and the Complete Companion, self & teacher assessed as 24/24 marks. Hope you find this good guidance for writing your A2 essays and creating essay plans for revision!

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Discuss sex differences in Parental Investment (24 marks)
Parental investment is defined as "any investment made by the parent in an individual offspring that
increases the offsprings chance of survival." There are differences in how much each gender invests in
their offspring, according to evolutionary theories.

Female investment in a…

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This shows how women make a greater investment in their offspring, as they risk abandonment or
maleretention strategies by their current partner to have a `better' and more protected offspring.

As well as this, the theory is very reductionist, as it does not seek to explain why mothers make a…


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