Discuss Kohlberg's theory of gender development (9 + 16 marks)

This is an essay I wrote answering the documents title. It is roughly an A grade answer but has way too much detail for an actual exam answer. It has everything you need to know on Kohlberg so it can be used for revision. Hope its useful.

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By Chloe Derby 13AGO

Discuss Kohlberg's theory of gender development (24 marks)
Lawrence Kohlberg's concept of gender constancy comes from Piaget's suggestion that young
children cannot distinguish between appearance and reality. For example young children believe that
a person must be a girl if they are wearing a dress i.e.…

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By Chloe Derby 13AGO

start to construct schemas about gender by the age of around 2 and that it is these schemas which
drive gender role behaviour.

It could be argued that the gender constancy theory is a rather reductionist approach to the
study of gender development. This means that,…


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