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P1: Ao1: Over the past years, there has been issues
regarding the classification and diagnosis of
schizophrenia when assessing patients. Reliability and
validity are very important when analysing these issues.
Reliability is the extent to which psychiatrists can agree
on the same diagnosis and validity is if psychiatrists
cannot agree…

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same criteria do not agree and the inter rater reliability
scores were as low as 0.11 which lacks internal validity.
ao2: A study that shows the issues of reliability in
diagnosis is Rosenhan's study. The study shows that
there is no consistency between psychiatrists and that
schizophrenia has no objective…

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the disorder.
ao2: this leads to the stigmatisation as people may start
to view the labelled patient as different and incompetent
if they are ignorant in this area. This may lead to lack of
employment, and makes the patients aware that there is
something wrong with them.
however, Szasz argued…




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