Discuss issues associated with the classification and/or diagnosis of schizophrenia

This is an essay I wrote on issues associated with the classification and/or diagnosis of schizophrenia

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P1: Ao1: Over the past years, there has been issues
regarding the classification and diagnosis of
schizophrenia when assessing patients. Reliability and
validity are very important when analysing these issues.
Reliability is the extent to which psychiatrists can agree
on the same diagnosis and validity is if psychiatrists
cannot agree on diagnosis of schizophrenia then this
questions what the disorder actually is and whether it
exists at all.
P2: Ao1: The issue of reliability lies within the
classification systems of DSM and ICD as they disagree
on multiple things for example on the amount of time the
symptoms have to be shown as the ICD says one month
and the DSM says 6 months.
ao2: This can lead to the over diagnosis or under
diagnosis of schizophrenia which also leads to denying
treatment or over doing it. With this, it also misinterprets
the percentage of schizophrenics in the country using
ICD book therefore not giving us a clear picture and the
same with DSM book.
ao2: An example of this is the research by Copeland. He
gave the same description of schizophrenia to British and
American psychiatrists and found that 69% of American
psychiatrists gave the diagnosis of schizophrenia
compared to 2% of British psychiatrists This shows that
there is a clear misinterpretation as both countries are
using different criteria.
ao2: Whaley also found that even psychiatrists using the

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A study that shows the issues of reliability in
diagnosis is Rosenhan's study. The study shows that
there is no consistency between psychiatrists and that
schizophrenia has no objective tests to prove it exists. It
also raises the issue of people who perhaps are ill and are
not being treated but also healthy people who are being
treated for the wrong disorder.…read more

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This may lead to lack of
employment, and makes the patients aware that there is
something wrong with them.
however, Szasz argued that this is a form of political
control as he argues that it's not a disorder, just extreme
behaviour that society doesn't want to see.
ao1: conclusion: the development of ICD and DSM books
are increasing in validity and reliability . Mental disorders
need more research and awareness in society.…read more



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