Discuss explanations of one eating disorder (9marks + 16 marks) - JUNE 2010

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Bibi Masala PSYA3: Eating disorders
A01 ­ 7 A02-12 19/24 57 UMS 94 A
June 2010: Discuss explanations of one eating disorder (9marks + 16
Anorexia nervosa is when an individual has less than 85% body fat, has
body dissatisfactions and low-self-esteem, as a result it then leads
them to develop and illness, eating disorder associated with food.
Anorexia nervosa itself has a low rate of victims and is a very complex
disorder as psychologists cannot come to one universal explanation for
the ultimate cause of AN. It is therefore necessary to assess the
following psychological approaches: psychodynamic, cognitive, and
behavioural and the medical approach: biological, evolutionary
approaches to Anorexia Nervosa.
Some psychologists such as Striegel-Moore et al and Bulik(2007)
argue that over the past 50 years the role of the media has immensely
influenced the increase of Anorexia Nervosa. Groesz et al supports this
view and argues that media exposure has led to the increase of body
dissatisfaction (which is a symptom of anorexia nervosa). Further
support that the role of the media influences the development of
Anorexia Nervosa is by Becker et al who proposed that after the
introducement of Television from western countries in Fiji the women in
Fiji began to develop body issues and as a result anorexia nervosa
started to emerge within Fiji.
However, the role of the media as an explanation for the cause of AN
can be argued to be unreliable as some women reject media perceptions
of what is standard beauty and still see the curvy woman as beautiful,
for example in African cultures.
Also, the media cannot be the sole reason for the cause of AN,
there must be other causes. For instance the psychodynamic approach in
regards to AN is explained by Bruch, he poses the concept of oral
impregnation where he suggests using Freudian theory that sex is
related to food and girls refuse to eat as they want to stay in a
pre-pubertal state and therefore do not want their body to develop.
Crisp(1980) also suggests that AN develops amongst individuals
as they do not want to enter adulthood as a result it leads to the
development of amenorrhoea. Further evidence of the psychodynamic
approach is proposed by Minuchin who argues that due to family
problems girls do not eat as they feel a sense of control and feel

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Bibi Masala PSYA3: Eating disorders
autonomous. It helps them to deal with problems within the family such
as parental relationship breakdowns.
Although the psychodynamic approach explains how past childhood
experiences can lead to the development of AN, the approach is heavily
reliant on speculation and cannot be tested rigorously with scientific
tests therefore it lacks mundane realism and ecological validity as we
do not know whether the propositions made by the model will occur to
someone suffering from AN.…read more

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Bibi Masala PSYA3: Eating disorders
Unit 3: June 2010 - Mark scheme/Examiners report -
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