Discuss explanations of one eating disorder (9marks + 16 marks) - JUNE 2010

The essay was completed under timed conditions, 30 minutes and was marked by my Psychology teacher. I was going to upload the original copy however my writing is very messy under timed conditions and not entirely legible.

NOTE: I rushed the essay towards the end, please don't judge me. I know there are grammatical errors but under pressure I just wrote the best I could, reading it back I sound illiterate in some parts.

Anyways enough with the chit chat, hope it helps!

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Bibi Masala PSYA3: Eating disorders

A01 ­ 7 A02-12 19/24 57 UMS 94 A

June 2010: Discuss explanations of one eating disorder (9marks + 16

Anorexia nervosa is when an individual has less than 85% body fat, has
body dissatisfactions and low-self-esteem, as a result it then leads

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Bibi Masala PSYA3: Eating disorders

autonomous. It helps them to deal with problems within the family such
as parental relationship breakdowns.

Although the psychodynamic approach explains how past childhood
experiences can lead to the development of AN, the approach is heavily
reliant on speculation and cannot be tested rigorously with…

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Bibi Masala PSYA3: Eating disorders

Unit 3: June 2010 - Mark scheme/Examiners report -


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