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Should be useful for AS Edexcel, People and Politics Unit, under the topic of Democracy and Political Participation

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Topic 1 - Democracy and Political Participation
Direct Democracy-
"A Government BY the people"
1. Democracy dawned in Ancient Greece, Principles surviving in
instituted in some states, albeit for a relatively modern democracy:
This is not short time and only for the wealthy, prominent, All citizens have right to
practical today male 'free' citizens.
vote and stand for office.
as there are. Duty of all citizens to
2. They made key decisions by gathering together, actively participate.
many more
important and
listening to speeches and voting. The Majority Decisions should be
complex verdict was accepted.
made by majority vote.
decisions to
make and the Principles not surviving
BUT.. Direct Democracy can still be exercised and
population is in modern democracy:
appears to be on the rise..... It can involve any
much larger.
Untrained, unelected
form of direct consultation between the
government and the people. For example the
Labour party uses a focus group of ordinary Randomly chosen
citizens for regular consultations.
presiding officer with 1
day term
More recently, Downing
Street have developed.
The PMs office accepts So, Britain is becoming a
and respnds to any CONSULTATIVE
campaigns that have DEMOCRACY -- a
significant support.
limited kind of direct
However, the true meaning of direct
democracy suggests that citizens
E.G. Switzerland - have themselves make critical decisions,
frequent referendums at all and this can only be done through a


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