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Friday 26th November 2010

Nutrition Hydration in sports

What is the importance of water?

Keeps you hydrated
Regulates temperature
Helps digestion

The amount of fluid lost from your body during exercise can depend on:

How hard you exercise
How long you exercise for
The temperature and humidity of your surroundings…

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By the time you feel thirsty you have lost between 2 5 cups of water.


Drinking 5 or more glasses of water a day can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Cells
shrink when you are dehydrated


Your body looses water every time you breathe everyday you…

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Hyper hydration is when an athlete drinks extra water before exercising. Normally when the athlete
will be exercising in hot conditions.

Water Vs sports drinks

Sports drinks can be useful for athletes who are exercising at a high intensity for 60 minutes or more.
Sports drinks don't hydrate better than…

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preferred source of energy therefore it may be appropriate to consume, Isotonic drinks where
carbohydrates source.


Quickly replaces fluids by sweating suitable for athletes who need fluid without the boost of

E.g. Jockeys and gymnasts


Used to supplement daily carbohydrate intake normally after exercise to top muscle…


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