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Unit No/Name Unit 5:injury in sport Assignment 1

Title Identifying risks and hazards
associated with sports

Tutor Mark partridge Date set

Verifier Date /time

Student's name Hayley Bull

Student's comments
Identify strengths and weakness and areas where improvement could be made next time.

I certify that the…

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To gain a pass, all pass criteria must be achieved; to gain a merit, all pass and merit criteria must be
achieved and to gain a distinction, all pass, merit and distinction criteria must be achieved.

Assessor's Declaration

I certify that to the best of my knowledge the work

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Task two

Name of person conducting risk assessment: Hayley L Bull

Date:Thursday 14th october 2010 Reveiw Date: Thursday 14th october 2010

Place: Hemel Hempstead Sportspace swimming pools

Area or People at Hazard Likely Severity Rating Measures
activity risk hood of (1-5) to control
hazard risk
Diving pool users Gulley's…

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unless in a

Diving pool Swimmers Swimming 3 5 15 lifeguarded
and divers in landing
Diving pool users Steps to 4 5 20 One person
diving on the
boards steps at
one time
Diving pool Divers and Sloping 1 5 5 No non
non floor…

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Task two: three

Specialist protective equipment is used to minimise the risk of injury of sports participants and
spectators for example a glass window for ice hockey this protects the crowd from getting hit by the
puck. In Coasteering protective equipment is used to protect the participant only as it's…


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