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GCSE ICT Revision Notes
Uses of digital devices:
Communicate across the world at any time, in any place (where
there's a connection method available)
Stream films
Game online
Listen/download to music
Take photos or videos
Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
Digital devices allow some people to have access to specialist
technology, such as spreadsheet software. With an internet
connection, that person can communicate over the internet with
colleagues, reducing the need to travel for meetings. This in turn can
increase global productivity, because the company will not be wasting
time travelling ­ they can instead make times for meetings online and
discuss their affairs that way.
Factors to consider when purchasing digital devices:
Cost (to purchase, and to run)
Purpose ­ do you need it, or want it
The speed of the connection it supports
How well it can manage demanding tasks (if applicable)
The UI (is it intuitive?)
Security ­ is my data going to be protected?
Reliability ­ can I use this as, and when, I need it?
Storage ­ will it hold all of my data and programs?
Convenience ­ can I hold it with ease, or do I have to be at a
Compatibility ­ can I use it with my other digital devices?

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Flash Memory:
Does not lose data when turned off
Has no moving parts, and so cannot be easily damaged (SOLID
Is removable (in most cases) and so can be used to transfer data
between devices.…read more


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