Difficulty In Diagnosing Anorexia

Please be aware that this essay is UNFINISHED and will not gain full marks.

However, difficulty in diagnosing anorexia is unlikely to ever be worth more than 12 marks, so it isn't too far off.

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Difficulty In Diagnosing Anorexia ­ Andrew F
AO1's AO2's
1 Anorexia is an eating disorder which
causes extreme thinness. Characteristics
include body image distortion, weight loss,
anxiety and amenorrhea.
2 Anorexia is very difficult to diagnose for 1 However, bulimia is, according to the
several reasons. Firstly is that anorexia is diagnostic and statistical manual, a
prone to comorbidity, when more than one completely different disorder. This further
disorder, for example, bulimia is present. confounds diagnosis and suggests that the
Therefore, anorexia might be DSM is not specific or objective enough.
misdiagnosed, diagnosed late or not
diagnosed at all.
2 However the DSM is not necessarily a
reliable source because it is constantly
changing and being rewritten. Therefore it
lacks historic validity.
3 Also, the DSM attempts to define things that
only exist specifically in the minds of
individuals, therefore we should really expect
it to often be mistaken.
3 Secondly, sufferers often want to keep 4 For example, diagnosis relies in part on
their disease a secret. Either to ensure measuring body image distortion. However,
they can continue to lose weight or the sufferer may give inaccurate answers
because they are ashamed. When the about weight loss or deny the possibility of
sufferer is actively seeking not to be an eating disorder.
diagnosed, diagnosis is particularly
4 Lastly, stereotypically, only girls suffer from 5 This is gender biased.
anorexia, but despite a recent upwards
trend of male anorexia, boys are still
regularly thought of as being immune and
therefore both families and doctors may be
less worried or observant.
7 Also, the diagnosis of anorexia is not
culturally universal. It is more likely to be
diagnosed in some cultures than others and
we cannot be sure whether this is because
there are simply differing numbers of
anorexics or because it is more readily
diagnosed in some cultures than others.
8 However it is possible that different cultures
can, by misdiagnosing anorexia, produce a
selffulfilling prophecy, whereby the individual
comes to believe they are anorexic and
therefore become anorexic.
I couldn't find any essay plans to base this off of, so I had to make it up from scratch! I might have
gone completely wrong. I found AO2's very hard to come by and some of them are a bit random.


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