Different types of anarchism

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Collectivists Collectives ??? Individualists Individualists
Anarcho-communists Anarcho-syndicalists Mutualism Egoism/Libertarianism Anarcho-capitalists
Doctrine Humans beings are Revolutionary socialists Pierre Proudhon Advocates stateless All functions of state can be
/Ends social Movement based on Money should be societies, usually replaced by the activities of
Free societies power and organisation replaced by `labour considered a radical the free market
enable individuals of trade unions notes' leftwing ideology Welfare could be provided b
to achieve true Most suggest overthrow People should live in Upholds the principle of private enterprise
freedom of capitalism by workers small self-governing individual liberty Capitalist system is just in
Economic and peasants communities Rejects compulsory that its outcomes are just
co-operation is a replacement of the state government, and supports Capitalism without state
natural activity by workers organisations the elimination of intervention gives maximum
Goods should be Centralised state government in favour of scope to the individual
ruling oneself and no other
distributed organisation which All social and economic
Individual sovereignty,
communally organic distribution of problems have market
private property, and open
True commuinsism goods carry out various solutions
requires abolition security of govt Solution is to find some sort
of state Radicals oppose of mechanism through which
Decisions within retention of state, the independent actions of
communes should self-governing industries free individuals could be
be made through and co-operatives would bought into harmony
direct democracy be able to arrange a fair Extreme advocates such as
system of exchange Warren and Tucker believe
Social organisation based this could be done through
on trade unions some sort of market
Also revolutionaries exchange
seeking to overthrow

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