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Nuclear Family
A nuclear family is a heterosexual married couple and their biological,
or adopted, children who all live in the same residence. A nuclear
family is also called a traditional family however in modern Britain the
definition of a nuclear family is widening and some would now identify
same-sex parents who live with their children as a nuclear family.
A famous nuclear family is the Incredible
family which consists of Mrs Incredible, Mr
Incredible and three children. The
Beckham's are another example of a
Nuclear family.…read more

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Reconstituted Family
A reconstituted family, otherwise known as a step-family, is when one
parent enters a new relationship with an existing family or new partner
and form a family, leading to step-relations, for example a step-sibling.
One famous example of a reconstituted family is the Kardashian-
Jenner household. Kendall
and Kylie Jenner are step-
sisters of Kim, Kourtney
and Khloe Kardashian after
Their mother, Kris, married
Caitlyn (previously Bruce)
Jenner.…read more

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Lone-Parent Family
A lone-parent family is a family where there is only one parent not living
with a spouse or partner. They have the responsibility for day-to-day
care of their child, or children, and share residency with them the
majority of the time.
One famous example of a lone-parent family is
Christina Aguilera and her son. She does not live
with a spouse or partner and takes responsibility
for her child's upbringing.…read more

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Cohabiting Family
A cohabiting family is one that includes two unrelated adults of the
opposite sex sharing a household unit, who may or may not have
A famous celebrity couple who
cohabit but are not married is Scott
Disick and Kourtney Kardashian.…read more

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Empty Nest Family
Empty nest family is the in a family's cycle when the children have
grown up and left home to begin their own adult lives. For parents, the
empty nest sometimes results in midlife anxiety or even empty nest
syndrome which is a feeling of grief and loneliness parents or
guardians may feel when their children leave home for the first time.
One celebrity empty nest family are Dame
Judi Dench and her partner as her daughter
has left home.…read more

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Cereal Box Family
A cereal packet/box family is a nuclear family living with one or two of
their natural dependent children where the couple is seen to be
married, this excludes single parent and cohabiting families. The
couple is heterosexual and the male is the breadwinner and the
mother stays at home to look after the housework/children.
One famous cereal box family is Matt Damon's
family as he is the breadwinner and she looks
after the children.…read more

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