Differences in microscopes

The advantages and disadvantages of light microscopes, electron (TEM) microscopes and electron (SEM) microscopes

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Light microscope Electron Microscope Electron Microscope
Low resolution-below Wavelength of 0.004nm. Wavelength of 0.004nm.
1500 images are clear 1000x shorter than light 1000x shorter than light
wavelength wavelength
Wavelength of visible light- Distinguish objects between Distinguish objects between
400-700nm 0.2nm apart. 0.2nm apart.
Images seen in colour if Images are in black and Images are in black and
using dyes white (greyscale) white (greyscale)
Use of chemical dyes Images produced are 2D Images produced are 3D
Magnification possible is Magnification possible is
500,000 100,000
Staining used are metal Staining used are metal
particles or salts particles or salts
Cannot use living specimen Cannot use living specimen
as the sample is placed in a as the sample is placed in a
vacuum vacuum
Extremely expensive Extremely expensive
High degree of skill and High degree of skill and
training needed training needed


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