Differences in Educational Achievement : AS Sociology, Education

Notes on the differences in educational achievement between social classes

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12th March 2012
Ethnicity and Educational Achievement
Chinese girls gain the highest proportion of A*-C GCSES.
Black males gain the lowest proportion of A*-C GCSES.
Regardless of ethnic groups, females do better than males.
79 per cent of Chinese girls and 70 per cent of Chinese boys got 5 A*-Cs.
72 per cent of Indian girls and 62 per cent of Indian boys got 5 A*-Cs.
27 per cent of Black girls and 44 per cent of Black girls got 5*A-Cs.
5-6 times more likely to be permanently excluded from schools.
Males are over represented in SEN units.
Least likely to stay on in post 16 education and if they do are likely to take a vocational
Official Statistics
Weaknesses Strengths
Statistics show inequality of outcome but fail to Cheap, accessible
explain why
Interpretivists would claim that they lack validity Positivists would claim they are reliable because
they are objective (unbiased)
Lump ethnic groups together e.g. `white' Representative, large samples, generalisable


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