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What are the
main features
present in
plant cells?…read more

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What are the
main features
of animal cell?…read more

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What are the fundamental
differences between plant
cells and animal cells?…read more

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Characteristics Plant cell Animal cell
Vacuoles vacuoles are generally quite vacuoles are very tiny or
large. It stores water and absent
maintains turgidity of the cell.
Cell Wall A rigid cell wall is present Cell wall is absent. This
around a plant cell that helps it allows animal cells to adopt
maintain its shape different shapes.
Chloroplast Present. Chloroplast contains Absent as animals do not
chlorophyll which is needed for make their own food.
Lysosomes Absent Present. Contain enzymes
that destroy dead cell
organelles and other cells
Golgi Bodies In place of Golgi bodies, its sub Complex Golgi bodies are
units known as dictyosomes are present close to the nucleus.
present…read more


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