Did the First World War help women get the vote?

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Did the war help women get the vote?
Yes No
Men and women shared hardships, creating a Must be remembered that young women who
more equal society. had worked in the munitions factories and
Women were praised by the press and public helped the war effort were denied the right to
figures for their work in the war. vote (not over 30 ­ the voting age).
Women were seen and appreciated. There was a need for franchise reform in
A land fit for heroes to live in might include a general.
place for heroines also? Made men jealous ­ sabotaged women's work.
A better world should come out of the war. Already promoted; several suffragist MPs
Emphasised the participation of women in promoted. Lloyd George was sympathetic
everyday life. towards the cause ­ then became Prime
The war transformed politics in general. Minister in December 1916, replacing
The campaign would recommence; it would Asquith.
be extremely embarrassing and unpopular to An excuse to change their minds without
imprison women who had played an looking stupid.
important part in the war effort. Women in New Zealand, Australia, Finland
The desire of the government to offer rewards and Denmark had already been enfranchised.
for services rendered during the war. It would be embarrassing if the Mother of
The war gave women confidence and an Democracy, Britain, lagged behind other
increased sense of capacity (ability). countries.
Total destruction of all the old arguments Likely that the Liberal government would
about women's proper place in the have given women the vote by 1918 as they
community. were pro-women's suffrage.
Suffragettes and suffragists own efforts helped
­ especially the peaceful and democratic
methods of the suffragists.
War postponed the movement.
Political alliances the women had secured in
support of their cause; e.g. Liberal.


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