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There are many different causes of kidney failure, some of the none hereditary causes are:
- Diabetes
- High Blood Pressure
- Glomerulonephritis; the progressive loss of filtering units within the kidney, until eventually, it stops
But there are also many inherited condition that go on to cause kidney failure, such as:
- Polycystic kidney disease; this is the disease where cysts repeatedly grow in the kidneys.
- Pyelonephritis; repeated infection of the kidneys.
- An obstruction of the urine flow.
When a person's kidneys fail because of one reason or another, dialysis is used as a sort of
replacement kidney. Dialysis is a procedure in which a person's blood is cleaned of impurities and
toxins. It does this by running the blood through a semi permeable membrane, where the toxins are
removed by diffusion. Without dialysis, the body would become very ill as there would be a huge
build up of toxins within the blood.


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