Dhaka Bangaldesh case study

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Strong growth in manufacturing, 2 EPZs (export processing zones)
finance, telecommunications and 413 industries set up to encourage
services export of garments
Dhaka home to 80% garment Basundhara City : developing economic
industry's 2mn employees also area with high-tech industries, bs's,
EMPLOYMENT attracts migrant workers: hawkers, with one of largest malls in Asia
roadside vendors etc
Unemployment rate 23%
33% labour force self-employed,
mostly men ­ women excluded
Child labour ^ in poor households
28% pop classified as poor, only 12% Govn improvements to drain +
extremely poor, 5% live in sanitation
permanent housing Ghore Fera (back to home programme)
Rents rise as demand > supply provides transportation, resettlement,
URBAN POOR 4.2mn in slums: few have clinic and ¼ income-generation loans to help
have govn school migrants return to village
58% of 6-7 yr olds didn't attend Micro-credit schemes but low coverage
school Local community health volunteers
Slums controlled by illicit gangs of Dormitory accommodation for female
mastaans workers
Work with local communities to rebuild
trust in legal system + reduce crime
Air pollution ­ unregulated Promotion of cleaner gas-powered
expansion and ineffective cooking stoves
regulations exceeds national Ban on leaded petrol
standards on more than 100 days a 2003 ban on two stroke rickshaws cut
year particulate concentrations by 1/3: now
Lack of clean water + sanitation for run on compressed natural gas
poor ­ reliance on tube wells Govn air quality management project
ENVIRONMENTAL Many living next to polluted water reducing truck/bus emissions and
QUALITY bodies and use firewood ­ water sulphur in diesel
borne diseases, poor air quality Public info to raise awareness of
27% connected to public sewer causes + impacts of poor air and water
system q
Pit latrines and septic tanks used Stricter enforcement of waste disposal
but in densely populated areas standards
these overflow into open drains Investment in low-cost solutions to
Poor management of water industrial effluent
resources in DHAKA cost $670bn


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