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- People develop in a series of progressive stages starting in childhood.
Assumption - Children learn through Social Learning Theory, that this is dependent on their experiences.
Developmental - Cognitive, emotional and behavioural development is an ongoing process and that such changes result from an
interaction of nature and nurture.…

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Samuel & Bryant: Asking only - Replicating study by Rose and Blank into conservation by challenging Piaget's
one question in the conservation method (asking pre and post transformation questions)
- Oedipus complex suffered by Hans, participant. Conflict between boy's desire for
Freud: Analysis of a phobia in a 5…

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for his phobia of unconscious defence
horses mechanisms.
Samuel To challenge Lab Experiment - 252 boys and girls from a variety of Devon schools and pre-schools. Four age - Children perform better
&Bryant Piaget's findings controlled groups of 63 each, 5 year 3months, 6 years 3months, 7 years 3 months,…


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