Development notes for aqa spec A including case studies

I have made these for my personal use for the geography exam on the 18th july 2012 but thought seen as i had taken all the time to make them i might as well share them :) I'm aiming for an A* so these contain all the details needed to get that , hope they help and good luck **

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Development gap
Bhutan is only country with Gross national happiness as its aim for development ­ instead of wanting
to become rich, rulers want people to be happy, look after environment and heritage and culture.
Define development
"The three essentials of development include the ability to lead a long and…

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Not accepted because development is not only economic but social and cultural (many poor countries
have a rich culture and society) it was negative to suggest that culture was at a low level just because
a country was economically poor so terms changed to LEDC and MEDC.
Some LEDCs are…

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MEDC- cash economy not included.
Quality of life
"how good a person's life is measured by such things as quality of housing and environment ,
access to education, healthcare, how secure people feel and how content and satisfied with
their lifestyle they are "
As well as making people better…

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Some measures of development can give a confusing narrow picture e.g. GNP or GNI only
economic measures ­ no indication of living standards doesn't tell us how much people earn
and what that can buy or how educated people are or any indication of cultural quality of life.
All averages…

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Limited water supplies lower food production, which causes poverty. Agriculture is affected, and
this is a major industry in some countries.
Natural hazards force countries to spend huge amounts of money rebuilding, which reduces the
money available for development projects. It also reduces people's quality of life.
Few raw materials…

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have been given $37,000. Increasing crime and spread of disease are concerns in the temporary
Development project in Bangladesh ­ see mind map sheet
Water quality
Vital resource
3% of Earth's water is fresh, with most being locked up in Glaciers leaving 10million cubic
kilometres of usable water.

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plants land zoning and rest years HOWEVER THE COUNTRY IS TOO POOR SO MUST RELY ON AID
Water facts
o 884 million people in the world do not have access to safe water
o 2.6 billion people in the world do not have access to adequate sanitation

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Trade the buying and selling of products
Visible trade ­ trade in goods
Invisible trade ­ trade in services (tourism)
Trade between countries involves both exports and imports
Exports ­ goods sold to another country
Imports ­goods bought from another country
Trade Balance- difference between imports and exports

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Depends on primary products
Building up its industry and services through foreign investment and exports from its big
clothing industry can be found on every UK high street.
Important source of income comes from Bangladeshis living abroad who send money home
(remittances ) larger than the official aid to the…

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Markets protected by tariffs and
Disadvantage Trade severely affected at times Primary products low priced
s of economic recession. Export orientated products ­ do not
Recent moves towards fairer meet needs of population (profits go
trade have resulted in increased overseas (MNC)
competition from LEDCs and Dependant on 1…


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