Development inequalities within one named country: London and the UK

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Development inequalities within one named country-UK
London's development has increased more than the rest of the UK and generates
1/5 of the UK's total income, due to its economic success. London gateway was
funded by investments and is now a main centre of international trade with
countries such as China, which has brought goods into the country that has a
consumer base of 17 million which helps benefit London's economy.
London's success has attracted foreign investment which has funded regeneration
projects in ex industrial areas such as a multimillion pound investment from
Malaysia which funded the housing complex at Battersea power station. These
investments benefit London but not everywhere else as because of London's
success, investors don't invest in other cities which increases inequality between
London and the rest of the UK. The attraction of wealthier people led to the
regeneration of some poorer areas of the city which involved removing older
housing and forcing residents to sell their homes so inequality is increasing within
London attracts biggest talents and due to them working close together the
success is greater. Success attracts people due to more jobs and benefits can
reach other areas of the UK as many people work in London but live elsewhere so
the benefits can reach other areas as money is spent outside of London.
However, most benefits stay in London as money generated in London is often
reinvested in London. New cross rail link in London developed and was funded with
2/3 investment and 1/3 from national budget. Money from the tax payer funded
part of this but only a small amount of UK tax payers will directly benefit.
Transport links are focused in London even though other areas of the UK are in
desperate need of improvements to railway transport. Therefore London's
development has caused other areas of the UK to be left out.


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