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9 Population- Key Migration rate:
Zero growth rate-
Birth rate= death rate so no change.
Immigrants- emigrants per
1,000 of the population per
Death rate-
Number of deaths per
Birth rate- 1,000 people per year.
The number of live births
per 1,000 people per
year. Population density:
Number of people
per km².
Life expectancy- The Total population÷
average number of size of the area in
years a person can km²
be expected to live.
Natural change- Fertility rate- The average
Infant mortality rate: Change in population (+/-) number of children a
The number of children who because of the difference woman will have during
die before the age of 1- between birth and death her reproductive age (15-
expressed per 1,000 live rate. 44)
births.…read more

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Development Indicator Advantages Disadvantages
Birth rate ·Can indicate the provision of ·The birth rate may be
services such as healthcare affected by the main religion
and education in a country. in a country and not
For example, where the birth necessarily its development.
rate is high, it may suggest For example, Ireland has the
there is a lack of education highest birth rate in Europe. It
about contraception. is a Catholic country and as
·This may suggest that the Catholics don't believe in
level of development of the contraception, this may be the
country is low. reason.
·A high birth rate may suggest ·People may also choose to
that the role of women is to have large families e.g. In India
have children. A lower birth they are a status symbol
rate may suggest a more rather than have lots of
developed country as some children due to a lack of
women put off having children contraception.
to focus on their career.
Suggests high levels of
education and so a developed
·For example, Uganda is an
LEDC which has a very high
birth rate 48/1000.…read more

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Development Indicator Advantages Disadvantages
Death rate ·Good resources and ·Death rate can be high in
healthcare suggest a MEDCs due to diseases of
developed country as people affluence such as heart
live longer and the death rate disease caused by lifestyle
is lower. factors rather than poor
·Higher death rates suggest
that a country isn't developed
as it doesn't have enough
money to treat and prevent
infectious diseases which kill
lots of people such as Typhoid
Fever. MEDCs can afford to
invest money into their
healthcare systems to prevent
the spread of these diseases.
·Life expectancy is shorter in
LEDCs- suggests inadequate
healthcare.…read more

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Development Indicator Advantages Disadvantages
Infant mortality rate ·Can use it to identify a ·High infant mortality could
country's stage in the DTM. be due to high levels of
disease, not because a country
·MEDCs (especially Germany can't afford to feed its
and Italy) have very low infant children.
mortality rates. Low rates
show the country has an ·The levels disclosed may not
adequate food supply as well be accurate.
as good sanitation and
·Can suggest levels of disease.
Kenya has a high death rate of
45/1000 which is consistent
with the level of infectious
disease.…read more

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Development Indicator Advantages Disadvantages
Migration rate ·A lot of immigrants suggests ·People move for other
high levels of development as reasons than low levels of
the standard of living is high development e.g. Civil War in
enough that people want to Rwanda.
move there. E.g. People
moving from Eastern Europe
·High emigration suggests low
levels of development and a
lower standard of living. PUSH
FACTORS…read more

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Development Indicator Advantages Disadvantages
Population density ·Most LEDCs with low levels ·There are many exceptions e.
of development suffer from g. Monaco is one of the richest
rapid population increase as and most developed country
they are in the early stages of in the world but as it is so
the DTM where the death small, it has a high population
rates have fallen but the birth density.
rates are still high. (India) This
means there are more people
living in the same amount of
space and so the population
density increases.…read more

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