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revision notes for aqa geography GCSE development case studies

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Tectonics Case Study
Alps ­ Fold Mountain Case Study
In central Europe, stretches across Austria, France, Germany, Italy, etc
Formed about 30 million years ago by collision between the African and European plates
Tallest peak is Mont Blanc at 4810 on Italian- French border
12 million people
Used for
Farm goats for milk cheese and meat
Sunnier slopes terraced to plant vineyards
100 million tourist visit a year
70% of tourists visit in winter for skiing etc
Summer visit for walking, mountain biking, paragliding, climbing
New villages built to cater for quantity of tourists
Ski runs, lifts, holiday chalets, restaurants pepper landscape.
Narrow valleys dammed to generate HEP which is used to provide electricity for local
homes and businesses as well as being exported
Salt, iron ore, gold, silver and copper mined but it has dramatically decreases due to
cheaper foreign sources
Scots Pine planted all over as more resilient to munching goats which kill native tree
saplings. Trees logged and sold to make things like furniture
How people have adapted
1. Steep relief: goats farmed as well adapted to live on steep mountains. Trees and
man-made defences are used to protect against avalanches and rock slides
2. Poor soils : animals grazed in most high areas as the soil isn't great for growing crops
3. Limited Communications: Roads have been built over passes (low points between
mountains). Takes a long time to drive over passes and can be blocked by snow, so
tunnels cut through mountains to provide fast transport links.
Mt St Helens- Volcano Case Study
Location: - west coast of north America on the ring of fire and the cascade mountain range,
Washington state
Causes of eruption: - Juan de fuca plate (oceanic) is subducting beneath North American
plate (continental)
Sequence of events:-
1. Normal composite volcano

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Bulge appears on North-facing side in early May 1980, earthquakes had been
experienced since March and steam filled with ash exploded onto the pristine white
glacial summit of the mountain
3. Residents told to leave and visitors not allowed inside a 8km exclusion zone around
the crater- volcanologist david Johnston who was monitoring it and said that it is like
standing next to a dynamite keg and the fuse is lit but you don't know how long the
fuse is
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Osaka to plants collapsed, power and water
Kobe tracks were left unusable, roads supplies cut
destroyed, 2 million homes without
electric, 1 million without water for 10
days, fires ­ especially west of port ­
devouring the wooden structures
LT effects Fire, damage to water pipes and roads Total of 5 million buildings
which made it hard to extinguish fire collapsed, total of 69000 dead,
Damage in excess of $220 billion and communication brought to
economy suffered halt-no phone signals, roads
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Case Study - Tsunami
Indian Ocean Boxing Day 2004
Earthquake off west coast of Sumatra that was 9.1 of Richter scale. Plate that was moving
down into mantle cracked and flicked back up causing lots of water to be displaced ­
triggered tsunami wave up to 30m high.
Affected many countries, most of the ones that border the Indian ocean, effects so bad as
there was no warning
230,000 killed or still missing
Whole towns/villages destroyed
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Affected many countries, most of the ones that border the Indian ocean, effects so bad as
there was no warning
230,000 killed or still missing
Whole towns/villages destroyed
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