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Tectonics Case Study

Alps ­ Fold Mountain Case Study

In central Europe, stretches across Austria, France, Germany, Italy, etc

Formed about 30 million years ago by collision between the African and European plates

Tallest peak is Mont Blanc at 4810 on Italian- French border

12 million people

Used for


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2. Bulge appears on North-facing side in early May 1980, earthquakes had been
experienced since March and steam filled with ash exploded onto the pristine white
glacial summit of the mountain
3. Residents told to leave and visitors not allowed inside a 8km exclusion zone around
the crater- volcanologist david…

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railways buckled and 30% of Osaka to plants collapsed, power and water
Kobe tracks were left unusable, roads supplies cut
destroyed, 2 million homes without
electric, 1 million without water for 10
days, fires ­ especially west of port ­
devouring the wooden structures
LT effects Fire, damage to water…

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Case Study - Tsunami

Indian Ocean Boxing Day 2004

Earthquake off west coast of Sumatra that was 9.1 of Richter scale. Plate that was moving
down into mantle cracked and flicked back up causing lots of water to be displaced ­
triggered tsunami wave up to 30m high.

Affected many…

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Affected many countries, most of the ones that border the Indian ocean, effects so bad as
there was no warning

230,000 killed or still missing
Whole towns/villages destroyed
1.7 m people lost homes
Infrastructure severely damaged (roads, electricity, water pipes)
5-6 m people needed emergency food, water and medical supplies…


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