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Disparities (differences in development) within countries (core/periphery) e.g. India (Maharashtra
and Bihar)
Maharashtra Bihar
Location Coastal: easier to trade (ports) Landlocked: difficult to trade
GDP Richest in India: 166, 516 rupees Poorest in India: 31,656 rupees (20%
of Maharashtra's)
Urban population 42%: tertiary jobs 10.8%

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Prevents use of chemical fertilisers. Methane is very flammable.
277 tonnes of CO2 saves

Development is the change (usually improvement) for people and the economy.
North and South divide
MEDCs: North America, Europe, Australasia
LEDCs: South America, Africa, Asia
HDI: Human Development Index: Life expectance, GNP, School Enrolment, Literacy Rate…


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