Development Case Studies

Case studies that I use for the development topic

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Development Case Studies
HDI ­ Kazakhstan worsening education, economies and mortality rates = decline of HDI
- Sub Saharan Africa HIV/AIDS is the biggest reason for HDI decline
Factors Effecting Development
Social Economic Political Environ-men Life expectancy [m/w] GNI
tal (US $)
Zimbabwe Slums, collapse of No jobs, main exports = Dictatorship (Mugabe) Blaming 43/4 $540
farming, racism cotton, gold, tobacco Anti western drought
Niger Slavery still after ban, Poorest country, main Military rule, rebels in 58/6 $280
little education, basic export of Uranium 2007, borders 7
health but disease countries
Brazil 1/3 favelas, medicines High prices nat. Biggest democracies, 69/76 $5,910
introduced for HIV/AIDS resources, high debt and president corrupt?
UK Immigration and cultural Based on Violent conflict in NI, 77 $42,740
issues, diverse export/services, first considerable globally
ind. Rev. 1800's
China Controversy over leader Top exporter, billions of Limited foreign news 71/75 $2,360
of Tibet, more jobs after energy supply searching, access, communist
2nd rev. market access head of state
Water supply
- Marunda Project, Jakarta Indonesia
Increase in population ­ only supply ½ people with safe water. Reliant on wells and groundwater. Street vendors ­ expensive. Diseases.
Kampongs (slums) ­ no water, sewage contaminates canals.

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Thames Water (UK) ­ investment, private company contracts, local people ­ jobs (2,000) ­ Kampong Investment Programme, provides services.
Improved basic services.
1,600 connected to water supply, 1/3 price of vendor, health benefits.
- Grand Inga Project, Congo
Politically corrupt, poor maintenance, existing dams, no power for locals, mistakes been made
World bank, African Development bank and European investment bank ­ invested in project
Inga 2 ­ partially private, poor maintenance of Inga 1 & 2
£40bn invested, 2x energy as China's 3 Gorges Dam.…read more

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India ­ rice, cotton and tomato testing Thailand
China ­ 4th largest GM seed provider Sri Lanka ­ banned until further testing
Japan trade surplus ­ buys cheap r.…read more

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Emergancy Aid
Charity funded; not sustainable; quick help
Generates dependency; clean and safe water; limited in range
Government can take aid for themselves
Charity funded well
Simple built ­ easy to maintain; long term sustainable use; health benefits
Crowds; specific locations
Not tied
Top down aid ­ Akosombo Dam, Ghana
£130 million to build; not as beneficial; largest man-made lake in history
American companies get 20 years of electricity; jobs; power source; fishing, farming, tourism in area
Expensive; no electricity for them; workers no jobs…read more


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