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Chemistry Notes

Developing fuels

Exothermic reactions give heat out to the environment and have a negative H.
Endothermic reactions take heat in from the environment and so have a positive H.
Standard Enthalpy Change Of Combustion is the energy released when one mole burns in
standard conditions
Standard Enthalpy change…

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Chemistry Notes

For naming: Meth- Eth- Prop- But-. If it is an alcohol contains an ­ol. They contain O then ­oxy suffix.
Number shows where the ­ol or c=c are. Di-, Tri-, Tetra-, show the number of groups attached e.g.
methyl group.
Isomers: Same molecular formula, different structural formula.

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Chemistry Notes

Particulates Incomplete combustion of Irritation in lungs
hydrocarbons in diesel


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