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True or False?
· All new cells are produced by mitosis.
· Mitosis produces cells which are identical.
· Sperm cells contain 46 chromosomes.
· The cells of a mosquito contain 46
· Meiosis produces cells with half the normal
chromosome number.
· In plants, pollen is produced by meiosis.…read more

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Inheritance and Selection
Determining the Sex of Offspring…read more

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Chromosomes found in the nucleus of a normal
human cell.…read more

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Inheritance of Sex
· Human cells contain 23 pairs of chromosomes.
· Pair number 23 are the sex chromosomes.
· There are two types of sex chromosome, an X and
a Y.
· XX = female
· XY = male
· When the pairs separate in meiosis, all eggs
contain an X chromosome, sperm may contain an
X or a Y chromosome.…read more

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Male body cell Female body
Gametes Gametes
(Sperm) (Ova)
Zygote…read more


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