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Word Class
Relationships with nouns
> come before a noun, precede a noun
> Determiner refers directly to nouns
Definitive Article
> A type of Determiner that refers to one specific noun rather than a group of nouns.
>Common definite articles is `the'
Indefinite Article
> A type of determiner that suggests there is more than one noun or a group of nouns.
> The most common indefinite Articles are `a' and `an'.

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Possessive Determiner
> A determiner that implies the Noun is possessed or owned by someone.
> Common Possessive determiners include `my, our, your, his, her, its, their'.
Demonstrative Determiner
> A determiner that gives no reference to ownership or possession
> Common Demonstrative determiners include `this, that, these, those'
Examples of when determiners are excluded.
In Newspaper articles, the title of the article often excludes determiners to save space and
to compress the title.…read more


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