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Washing at Low Temperature
Saves Energy & Your Clothes
High Temperatures melt greasy dirt so your
detergents can break up and remove the
stain more easily.
But some materials shrink in the wash
Also some dyes run...…read more

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Biological Detergents
· Contain Enzymes
· Enzymes digest protein-based and fat-based
stains without high temperature
· Above 40C, enzymes denature & stop working…read more

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Low temperature:
· Saves Energy
· Good for Enviroment & Energy Bill
· Less Carbon Dioxide Emissions reducing
greenhouse effect and climate change…read more

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How do they Work?
Detergents contain molecules that contain a
hydrophilic end and a hydrophobic end.
Hydrophilic Head = loves water
Hydrophobic End = Hates Water
= Attaches to greasy dirt…read more


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