Designing an experiment: Bobo Doll

An experimental design relating to Bandura's Bobo doll experiment.

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Designing an experiment: Bobo Doll
IV- environment and gender
DV- aggression shown
EV- upbringing, background, personality
Operationalise aggression: behaviour which can be interpreted as aggressive= physical aggression
Sample: 50 boys 50 girls aged 10, different ethnicities (representative)
Materials: bobo doll, gender neutral toys, hammer, data recording sheet, video of aggressive and
non-aggressive role model
Obtain informed consent from parents (parents know true aim of experiment)
Brief the children by telling them they are going to be watching a video and then put in a play room
to see if the video affects their play
The children will be purposely deceived in order to remove the chance of demand characteristics
Expose 25 males and 25 females to a role model acting aggressively towards the bobo doll and the
remaining 50 children will be exposed to a role model playing non-aggressively
Place each child in turn on their own in a play room in which a two way mirror is placed so the
observer can observe the children without them being aware that they are there to avoid any
deviation from their normal behaviour
In the play room is a bobo doll and gender neutral toys and a hammer
Observe the children's behaviour in the play room for 5 minutes and note how many
aggressive/non-aggressive acts are seen on the data recording sheet e.g. hitting the bobo doll with
a hammer or simply playing with the other toys and paying no attention to the doll
Remove child from the play room and debrief them by explaining the true aim of the experiment,
thank them and offer them any psychological aftercare and the ability to withdraw their results from
the experiment. Also thank the parents.


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