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Specification Points to
write about and
Function: Job/ use
Aesthetics: style, colours, text, texture
Materials Sizes Ergonomics
Safety Costs Who must it
appeal to
Quality Information on box(Logo)
Manufacturing Process Flat Pack(no glue
Opening and Closing mechanism…read more

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Processes and
Equipment you can use
in your Design
Injection Moulding,
Line Bending,
Vacuum Forming, Equipment:
Blow moulding, Cutting Mat,
Vinyl Cutter,
Hot Wire Cutter,
Hotwire cutting, Vacuum Former
laminating, Pencils: B, HB, H ­ uses
scanning, Lasercutter
& reason & reason
Sublimation Printer
Varnishing, for use. for use.
Embossing, etc
Die Cutting,
Lay Planning…read more

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Materials you can use
in your Design
Corrugated Card
and Expanded Polystyrene
Plain Card
Gloss finished Card
Polypropylene (PP),
Low Density Polyethylene
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Foam Board
Smart Materials: Temperature Sensitive
material…read more

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Joining Methods you can use in
your Design Questions:
Adhesive Use Properties
Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) Woods Sold in a plastic container, ready mixed liquid. Easy to
apply and sets in 2 hours. Gives a strong joint. It is not
Epoxy Resin Expanded Polystyrene to most materials Sold in 2 tubes, resin and hardener which are mixed
together in equal parts. Chemical reaction hardens
immediately, but full strength achieved after 2 to 3
Contact Adhesive Metals & Plastics; dissimilar materials, ie. Usually used for gluing sheet material. Sold in a metal
Plastic to wood and metal to wood tube for easy application.
General purpose; fabric to most materials
Acrylic Cement Acrylic to Acrylic Solvent based for rapid bonding of acrylics. Sold in a
screw top metal can & needs a separate applicator.
Polystyrene Cement High impact polystyrene to high impact Solvent based adhesive that melts surface of pieces to
polystyrene be joined and causes them to weld together. Able to
use a brush to apply adhesive to surfaces and
absorbed into joint using capillary action.
Hot Melt Most materials for rapid joining ( temporary) Used with a glue gun. Solid glue stick passes through
a heating element and becomes a gel. Easy to apply
from gun nozzle. Does not give a solid joint, more of a
temporary fixing.
Glue Stick Paper, card and board Solvent free and non-toxic adhesive available in an
easy to use solid stick. Can cause paper to crinkle if
not applied evenly.
Art work Spray Paper, card and board Repositionable adhesive sold in aerosol form. Excellent
for presentations as work does not wrinkle and allows
for repositioning.
Double Sided Tape Most materials, especially paper, card and Tape with adhesive on both sides. Quick and easy to
board cut to size and peel off cover. Excellent for mounting
work for exhibitions.…read more

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