design and technology: food technology

mainly for food technology which has:

research contect: bread based snacks

design theme: savoury snack and dip products

the code for the preliminary i have is 45451/PM

you can use this for other food technology uses as it has useful key words, and other things you may find useful :)

i have done another one with more detail on packaging and other things but the same document.. if you want to look at that :)

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Content page
o Nutrition
o Design:
o bread
o dips
o dippers
o make bread and dips
o snack bread
o test kitchen
o sensory testing
o new product ­ sketch
o standard food components (SFC)
o food storage
o food safety
o development ideas
o packaging and labelling


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Bread Comparison
Triangle Test Work out which one is which,

Rating/preference ­ Could use toast, bread or Crackers.

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Exam styled question:
A test kitchen carries out sensory testing on product A (cheese slices), product B (Grated
Cheese) and product C (cheese spread).
a. Name one method of sensory testing these samples of cheese sandwich fillings.
Rating/preference test
b. Using notes and/or sketches, describe how this sensory test is…

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Fair trade ­ makes sure that the workers who product the foods get a fair price for
their products.
GM ­ (Genetically modified) Food scientists have altered the genes within the food to
give it other characteristics within the food to give it other characteristics to:
o Make crops resistant…

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You can get yeast fresh dried and as a block
If it hasn't risen, it means inaccurate measured ingredients, old yeast or not correct


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