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this is just a document showing how you can use the senses to write a creative description in the exam

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Descriptions revision for English exam
The funfair is a lively entertaining place. Full of colours that brightens up the area. The funfair
is an interesting area for mostly children because there are many things that children are
interested in the funfair. Joyous and never-ending entertainment can go on in a funfair.
The smell of food is delicious. When smelling the aromatic food, you can taste the food
even when it still hasn't even touched your lips. You can sniff every kind of food that you can
find in a funfair. Sweet smelling, meaty smells, savoury smells all making you drip and drool
until you get the food.
Games and activities take place in the funfair all fun and yet again entertaining. Time flies by
when you go and start playing all these splashing games. Coconut shy is all about throwing a
plastic ball that is shiny like the sun and as red as an apple. This is fun because if you hit a
coconut you get to choose a wonderful prize it could be big or small it depends. There are
millions of adventurous games to play in a funfair that are, yet to discover.
However there can be horrors at a funfair. When the deeply coloured orange headed clowns
come in the enjoyment has to be created into an atmosphere of frights and scares. They are
scary and hilariously fake with their painted smiles. Yes the nightmare comes to life. Now the
entertainment and all the joy are gone because the clowns have just entered to destroy the
world of fun.
Ultimately we come to an end funfairs have to go someday don't they? Well funfairs go
around the world and go to every local park there is depending on the size of the park.
Rowdy and full of rumours is the description that people give about schools but it's more
than that. Schools are some people's life. Studying is the key thing that most people want
to achieve and get a brilliant future ahead of them.
Schools can be loud, full of children and chaotic, but it's a place where you can be smart and
bright to be simply the best. It is full of information on the lessons that you are in. Posters
full of descriptive languages so that you can understand or baffle you.
The colours of the classrooms are plain but yet effective which show learning is serious and
it doesn't matter what colour the classroom is. Only it does if you're in nursery and in
reception because mainly your young and don't know much. However teachers try to make
the classroom look lively by making pupils draw fantastically, amazingly and well crafted
posters to engage other pupils into being educated.

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The smell of school is no need more than cold musty air from the Hoover cleanings and dust
bunnies. Although, whatever the smell is it doesn't matter to me because it's not about the
looks or the smells or the features it's to do with whether you're learning or not.…read more


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