Describe the Distribution of an affluence disease Essay

Describe the Distribution of an affluence disease Essay

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Describe the Distribution of an affluence disease.
Coronary Heart Disease
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) causes heart attacks which is when the blood vessels supplying the
heart become blocked, starving the heart of oxygen and leading to the heart muscle's failure or
death. I think that DALYs is the best indication of coronary heart disease because it means countries
can be compared (rather than giving round numbers, without mentioning the population. It's also
difficult to give it as a percentage because they turn out at about 0.00014 ­ which is a difficult figure
to visualise and compare) ; it's the number of healthy years of life lost (in this case) per 1,000 people
in 2003. China, which is a NIC in Asia has just 4 DALYs lost per 1,000 people. The UK, an LEDC in Europe
has 7 DALYs are lost per 1000 with a much higher % of deaths caused by CHD. Afghanistan has a huge
37 healthy years lost per 1,000 which is bigger than both India (20) and Russian Federation (27). It
seems that while CHD is the most popular cause of deaths in a large proportion of the MEDCs
countries in Asia actually are more prone to this disease, and have a higher number of Dalys. Though
this should exclude China (or are these figures for China not 100% accurate? are many people living
in rural areas ignored?). France, Denmark and the UK all have a relatively low number of Dalys lost
suggesting Europe is better off than other parts of the world (in the case of CHD)


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